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Tomato knives: easily cut through that tough skin

The term 'tomato knife' is pretty self-explanatory. Tomato knives are specifically designed to cut tomatoes in nice, even slices. The knife can also be used for other fruits and vegetables.

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How to choose the best tomato knife

A tomato knife is a knife with a blade length of 12 to 15 cm. The blade is serrated to easily cut through the hard skin of a tomato without having to apply too much pressure. As such, you never damage the tomato. The length of the blade gives you just enough control to cut a tomato properly. Of course, you can also use a plain-edged knife to cut a tomato. However, that only works if the knife is razor-sharp. Most kitchen knives you use regularly are not that sharp though. A serrated tomato knife is more efficient when cutting tomatoes.

The forked tip

Many tomato knives have a little forked tip to pick up slices of tomato. You can also use it to remove the seeds.

How to maintain your tomato knife

If you take good care of your tomato knife, it will last you a lifetime. We always recommend washing your kitchen knives by hand. The heat and harsh detergents in a dishwasher damage your tomato knife, which would be a shame.

Keep your knife acid-free

It is best to clean the knife directly after use. That's how you prevent moisture and acids from affecting the blade. The knife should be completely dry before you store it.

Sharpening a tomato knife

Keep in mind that sharpening a plain-edged blade is easier than sharpening a serrated blade. However, sharpening a serrated blade is far from impossible. You can use a sharpening steel, or a knife sharpener with the option to sharpen serrated blades. In addition, there are also special tools to sharpen a serrated blade.

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