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Boska Holland: lover of cheese for over a hundred years.

Boska Logo

The Dutch Boska is a true expert when it comes to cheese. For more than a century the company has been making products for cheese. Or as they would like to call them cheesewares. Think, for instance, in addition to their cheese boards and cheese knives, of cheese fondue sets, and raclettes. 

Throughout the years the range has grown exponentially with products such as cheese slicers, cheese boards, cheese graters, cheese fondue sets, and cheese knives. Anything and everything in order to properly handle and present cheese. Boska’s products are suitable for all, whether you are an amateur chef or a cheese farmer.

Boska’s history

Boska’s story began in 1896 in the small town of Bodegraven. Here Willem Bos created cheese essentials for the local farmers. The products were so popular that Willem decided to establish the company called Boska (Bos Kaas, or Forest Cheese). The combination of his craftsmanship and his love for cheese put Boska on the map. Over a century later the fourth generation of Bos is standing at the helm of the company: Martijn Bos. A man who shares the same passion as his great-great grandfather Willem.

One for all, and all for cheese, from cheese knife to cheese board

Boska’s mission is clear: enabling the entire world to enjoy the amazing flavour of cheese. All, of course, with the help of their attractive and practical ‘cheesewares’. In order to remain progressive and innovative a lot of money is invested in creating new product designs. Focusing on both user-friendliness and design, because let’s be honest appearance does matter. As a result Boska has created a wide range of products throughout the years. Think, for instance, of cheese knives, cheese slicers, cheese graters, cheese boards, cheese fondue sets, and raclettes. Everything you might need for cheese, except the cheese itself. With Boska’s products you turn eating cheese into an amazing experience!