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Kitchen knife sets

Up to 55% off

Buy a knife set for an amazing price

If you want to buy a knife set, you can benefit from an attractive price. Of course you can also choose to collect the knives of your favourite series piece by piece. The advantage of knife sets is that you can get started with all your new knives in one go and that knife set are attractive in price.

A set of knives usually comes with a knife block, which is no excessive luxury for the protection of your knives. Please check Storage & Transport for all the possibilities to store knives. sells chef's knife sets, steak knife sets, and our own Eden brand knife sets that you can create yourselves.

Popular knife sets

The popular knife sets are made by Wüsthof, Global, Zwilling and Eden. The composition differs by knife set. Most knife sets include a chef's knife, a paring knife and a carving knife. You can also buy sharpeners, bread knives and kitchen scissors in a knife set.

Knife blocks

Knife blocks are often confused with knife sets. Of course it is very sensible not to store your knives loosely. A knife block is a solution. Most knife sets include a knife block. If that is not the case, sells knife blocks separately too. There too you can benefit optimally from a knife set offer.