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Knivesandtools merchandise: for enthusiasts

Knivesandtools merchandise is made for you: the enthusiast. The pocket knife fan who features his/her EDC on Instagram on a daily basis. The outdoor fanatic who gets up at the crack of dawn. Ready to discover the world. Either way you look at it: with our merchandise you add a touch of Knivesandtools to your life and share with the world that you are a part of our close-knit community.

Knivesandtools Enamelware 2022

Now available: Knivesandtools enamelware, designed by Padraig Croke

When you go outside enamel is an excellent companion. It is sustainable, relatively lightweight, versatile and it can handle high temperatures. Also, enamel is easy to clean and will, in time, create a stunning patina. That is why, at Knivesandtools, we decided to create our own collection of enamelware. Made from the best materials, enhanced with unique designs from Padraig Croke.

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