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Line-up: BBQ tools

Decent tools are indispensable during a BBQ. In this line-up we will introduce the best BBQ tools! Check out the line-up because who knows, there might be something you like!

Tramontina Churrasco Campeira bbq set

This BBQ set is comprised of a Tramontina chef's knife and a meat fork. With the meat fork you can safely place meat on the BBQ. Never worry about clumsy BBQ tong or meat that has been marinated with sand ever again. With the Tramontina chef's knife you can cut large and small pieces of meat to size. Of course on a wooden cutting board to make sure you don't wear out the edge. The blade is made from stainless steel and has a polished finish. On a sunny day this will look absolutely amazing. The handles on both the meat fork and the carving knife are made from FSC-certified Polywood. It gives this two-piece Tramontina BBQ set a rustic look and feel that shouldn't be missing from a great BBQ.

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Wüsthof Classic tomato knife

Because of its serrated edge a tomato knife is perfect when cutting slices of vegetables, fruit and bread. With a blade length of 14 cm this Wüsthof tomato knife is a practical and versatile knife. Are you preparing a salad? This knife will cut tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, onion and radish in wafer-thin slices and straight cubes. Want to cut a piece of bread? The serrations on the blade effortlessly cut through the hardest buns. All small BBQ tasks are a piece of cake with the Wüsthof Classic tomato knife. The stainless steel and the strong POM handle can handle quite a lot and the handle won't change colour in the sun. A decent German knife you can safely share with everyone during the BBQ. With the two tips at the end of the blade you can easily scoop up pieces of tomato, cucumber, cheese, salami or other food. Practical when you need to lean over the table to grab something.

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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star filleting knife

Caught your own fish? You could pop it on the BBQ as is, but you could also marinate it. We recommend you clean the fish first with a filleting knife. The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star filleting knife has, like most filleting knives, a flexible and thin blade. With it you can easily follow the shape of the fish and cut out the fillets in one piece. Place the fillets on a piece of aluminium foil and add the marinade of your choice. Another advantage is that your fish will be cooked in no time at all. Your guests don't have to wait long before they can enjoy your caught (or secretly store-bought) fish.

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Carl Mertens breakfast/butter knife

The meat is getting ready on the BBQ but you need to wait a little longer before it is ready. During the wait you fill up on pieces of bread with tapenade, pesto, (herb) butter or delicious soft cheeses. Yes, that does sound familiar doesn't it. And yet, a BBQ isn't really a BBQ with a nice piece of bread with a delicious topping. A breakfast/butter knife is perfect for richly spreading out your favourite topping on a piece of toast. The Carl Mertens breakfast knife, for instance, is perfect for the job. Because of the round shape of the blade you can easily scoop up a nice amount of topping and spread it out over a piece of bread.

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