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Home Kitchen knives & cutting Robert Herder mill knife

Robert Herder: a knife manufacturer with a century's worth of experience

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Robert Herder is a knife manufacturer with a century's worth of experience with the production of kitchen knives that are also known as 'Mill knives'. Many of these kitchen knives have a blade made from carbon steel. This steel is hardened. Carbon steel might not be corrosion resistant and asks for careful treatment, but the cutting properties are so good that Robert Herder decided to go for excellent cutting properties combined with a little maintenance.

A professional chef's choice 

It is for a reason that many professional chef's love using Robert Herder kitchen knives. Despite the maintenance the Robert Herder knives namely offer an unparalleled cutting experience. There are, however, also stainless Robert Herder knives that, like the carbon steel kitchen knives, are also incredibly hard.


Robert Herder has, in addition to the unusual choice of steel for the blade, its own tradition when it comes to sharpening. The knives have a thin grind (Dünschliff) and a blue polished finish. It requires a lot of manual labour to get the desired result, but it is worth it. The user benefits from the exceptional and long-lasting sharpness.