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Combekk cutting boards: combining durability, Dutch craftsmanship and design

Combekk cutting boards are the perfect mix of sustainability and design. These sleek-looking cutting boards are made in the Netherlands. They are made of sustainable materials and available in different shapes and sizes. For small cutting jobs at home or serious work in a professional kitchen: there is always a Combekk cutting board to suit you and your kitchen!

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Features of Combekk cutting boards

The cutting boards are made from a composite material, using recycled paper. This material is non-porous and very smooth, making it very easy to clean. The material is hard enough that it won't scratch easily, while still being soft enough to not damage the edge of your knife.

Additionally, the cutting boards are heat-resistant, so they can handle the dishwasher or the occasional hot pan. These are great features for a cutting board that you'll want to use every day. Thanks to the different colours you can easily distinguish between a cutting board to cut raw meat, one for fish and one for vegetables.