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Mora knives: affordable and made to be used!


The brand Mora of Sweden, originated in the small village of Mora. Since 1891, they have been making knives, based on experience and traditional craftmanship, which have been passed on from generation to generation.

Mora makes knives for different audiences, from labourers to bushcraft enthusiasts. Basically, there is a suitable Morakniv for every individual.

Quality from Sweden

Because of an unrivalled value for money, the Mora knives have been appreciated for a long time. Each of the famous Morakniv knives have a no-nonsense appearance. They are made for heavy duty use and also suitable for this. The knives are very sharp on delivery, but also easy to sharpen and maintain yourself. 

Mora often uses carbon steel. This steel is harder than average, giving the option to create a particularly sharp edge. Carbon steel needs some extra maintenance, as this type of steel is not stainless. If you do not want to spend too much time and attention on maintenance, you would probably prefer a stainless Mora knife.

More knives are very comfortable to use. Especially the rubber handles are made in such a way that you can work with it for hours, without worrying about the grip. Besides, rubber handles are very sturdy and capable of dealing with all sorts of weather. This makes the knives ideal for use in outdoor circumstances. 


Morakniv knives buying guide: which Morakniv should I get?

You are looking for a MoraKniv knife. But which one? We understand it is difficult choosing from such a vast range of knives. There are namely many different sizes and shapes of Morakniv knives. That is why we will help you out! Below we made a list of all Mora collections with a description of what makes that collection so special. As such you can quickly decide which knife will suit you best!