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Opinel knives: A world famous icon from the French Alps


Opinel knives are famous for their quality and simplicity. Since its establishment in 1890 by Joseph Opinel, his Opinel knives have proven to be popular on a constant basis. The knives were once widely used by farmers, shepherds and rail workers. 

Today, you can find them in almost every pocket, kitchen drawer or backpack. From the Opinel No. 2 for the smaller carving, to the Opinel No.8 for the heavy work. They are the paragon of everyday knives; convenient, easy-to-handle and affordable. Opinel pocket knives come in various, luxurious handles. South-African buffalo horn, bubinga, olive wood and many others! What style are you choosing?

The Virobloc-lock: typical Opinel

The Virobloc-lock is a typical characteristic of an Opinel pocket knife. Marcel Opinel, the son of Joseph Opinel, wanted to increase the safety of the knives. In 1955, he invented the Virobloc-system. This was initially meant for the knife being able to lock in an open position. In the 90 's, the Virobloc-system had its last update. The knives could now also be locked when in a closed position.

Buying an Opinel-knife?

Opinel knives are available in various types, sizes and materials. To be able to make a good choice, it is advisable that you first have to wonder about where you are going to use the knife for. This is done by determining the right blade length. Is it going to be light cutting work such as opening envelopes? In that sitation, the Opinel No. 3 is the best choice. For the heavy work, a no. 6 or higher is the better choice. Are you looking for a real all-rounder? Then the Opinel No.8 really comes in handy!

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