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Rough Ryder Knives: where knives and history collide

Rough Ryder Knives

Rough Ryder has been producing fine, affordable knives for over 25 years. Especially the Rough Ryder 'traditionals' are famous worldwide. Affordable slipjoints in all famous 'patterns'. Barlow, Canoe, Stockman or Trapper: Rough Ryder has got them all. But also cool Bowie knives that will be the highlight of any showcase. And the prices? Simply great!

History of Rough Ryder Knives

The name Rough Ryder comes from the Rough Riders regiment. A special army unit, established during the Spanish-American war in 1898. Led by Theodore Roosevelt, only 2000 men were chosen from 23000 volunteers. Elite soldiers, from all walks of life and with very different backgrounds. From professional athletes from prestigious universities to experienced cowboys, and from thoroughbred Pawnee Indians to aristocrats.  What they had in common? They were excellent on horseback and had an unparalleled willingness to fight.