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Brisa knives: Bushcraft and hunting knives according to Finnish tradition

Brisa Knives Logo

Brisa knives have been popular among bushcraft enthusiasts and hunters for years. According to classic Finnish tradition Brisa produces knives that are meant to be used. An excellent price-quality ratio, a well thought out choice of materials and ergonomics are key for this brand.

EnZo is Brisa

Perhaps you know the brand name 'EnZo' from the past. That name has now been changed to 'brisa'. Nothing changed, only the name. Brisa had always been the name of the mother company behind the EnZo knives. With this change they brought the brand name Brisa even closer.

Brisa knives: made to be used

Each Brisa knife is made from top-quality materials according to the best production methods. To make using the knife even more comfortable a lot of attention was paid to the great balance between strength and weight. Most knives are enhanced with the famous scandi-grind and a proven blade geometry. As such you will always have enough control over the knife during use, and maintenance will be a piece of cake.

Brisa Trapper 95

The most famous model is the Brisa Trapper 95. This model has the perfect size for a bushcraft knife and offers the right balance between control and versatility. There are multiple versions of the Trapper. Some made with high-grade types of steel such as D1, O1, Sandvik 12C27 and N690Co.