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Autine knife: handmade in Latvia under the direction of John Neeman

Autine knives come from the forests of Latvia. These handmade knives are of excellent quality. A new generation of smiths is using the wisdom of the generations that came before them to forge the best knives with the best materials the 21st century has to offer. Master blacksmith John Neeman leads the production of traditional outdoor knives at Autine with passion. All of them are razors harp. It's clear to see that these knives are high quality. The designs might look simple at first glance, but subtle details are these knives' selling point. That's the difference between a production knife and a handmade, almost custom knife.

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Reasons to choose Autine

Autine knives: made from high-quality natural materials

Autine uses natural materials of the highest quality for their products. In a world of modern technology, Autine brings us back to the craft of the past, and the materials they had available at the time. That's why many handles are made from wood and many of the sheaths are made from leather.

Autine knives: craftsmanship

Our range includes many sharp knives, but Autine knives are next level. You can really tell craftsmanship makes the difference. The attention to detail of the Latvian craftsmen makes each Autine knife perfect in its own way. The hand of the maker is visible on each product. It makes the knives unique; it makes them Autine.

Autine knives: high quality

Don't think Autine has a large factory. Quite the contrary! The heart of the company is located in a small workplace where a few experts work hard to make amazing products. That's all. A few talented smiths, someone to do the woodwork and someone working with leather to make sheaths. Everything is done by hand. This allows the experts at Autine to perfect each and every product that passes through their hands. No axe or knife will leave the workplace before it's a 100% perfect.

Autine product types

In addition to outdoor knives and the sheaths they come with, Autine also produces axes. Autine axes are forged by hand. That means that every axe is unique, like it has its own personality. What each axe has in common is the perfectly designed geometric shapes. The thickness of the axe head, the angle of the sharp edge: every angle is there for a reason.

About Autine by John Neeman

John Neeman is a familiar name in the knife world. He used to be active under the name Neemantools. Autine is Neeman's new project to fully indulge his creative side. The company was named in honour the region of the Autine castle of the 12th century, the historic lands where the company began. Continuing centuries-old craft traditions and combining them with modern, European design, Autine creates products that incorporate age-old artisanal wisdom, handmade from the best materials the 21st century has to offer.

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