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Pocket Knives & Multitools

Robert Klaas knives: over 180 years of knife quality

Robert Klaas Logo

Robert Klaas knives are the embodiment of Solingen knife-making. For over 180 years they have been making amazing pocket knives at Robert Klaas. Pure, classic and German craftsmanship, that is what Robert Klaas represents. Old-fashioned but incredibly good!

Traditionals from Solingen

The best knives made in Germany come from knife capital Solingen. Robert Klaas has also established his factory here about 180 years ago. A real family company where a lot of things are made by hand.

Robert Klaas: Kissing Cranes and Hen & Rooster

In addition to its own name Robert Klaas is also using two other brand names: Hen & Rooster and Kissing Cranes. These two knife brands have a great reputation in the United States. Good to know: the knives that carry the Robert Klaas brand are just as good!