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Autine axes: handmade in Latvia led by John Neeman

Autine axes come from the forests of Latvia. Handmade axes of outstanding quality. Forged by a young generation that combines the wisdom of previous generations with the super-materials from the 21th century. The traditional axes are made under the inspiring leadership of master blacksmith John Neeman. All sharp and functional, but also stunning.

When you hold an Autine axe you feel its quality immediately. The seemingly simple designs contains subtle details that make the difference. The difference between a simple production axe and these handmade, (almost) custom axes.

Autine axes: extraordinary in form, function and finish

The axes of Autine are hand forged. This means that not one axe is the same. Each axe has its own character. What they all have in common is very good and sophisticated geometry. The thickness of the head, the angle at which the cut becomes thicker: they thought about it all. Also typical of the axes of Autine is the relatively thick steel. Some have to get used to it in the beginning, but ultimately everyone becomes a fan

Autine axes: pure quality

Don't think that Autine has a large factory. On the contrary! The heart of the company consists of a small workshop where a few craftsmen drive each other to the limit to deliver the best product. A few talented blacksmiths, a carpenter for the woodwork and a leather worker who makes sheaths: nothing more. Everything is manual work. This allows these professionals to create the perfect product. No axe or knife leaves the work place without it being perfectly finished.

Autine by John Neeman

John Neeman is very known in the outdoor world. Formerly, he was active under the name Neemantools. Autine is his new project. This created more space for his creativity and urge to to reflect variation.