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Maxpedition bags: Hard Use Gear

Maxpedition Logo

Maxpedition bags are amazing for anyone who loves to own great gear. They are top-quality tactical backpacks and great EDC pouches. Made to endure years of intensive use, even by demanding pro’s. The Maxpedition backpacks are truly designed to be used. Each part has its own function. For this reason Maxpedition makes sure that there are always enough small compartments to be able to properly organize the contents.

Maxpedition EDC Organizers

The Maxpedition EDC pouches are popular amongst enthusiasts who love awesome gear. You use them to carry an array of pocket knives, a multi-tool, paracord, pen, notebook, flashlight, batteries and any other items you might need, in only one pouch. Because these pouches are often MOLLE compatible you can carry them on the outside of a MOLLE compatible backpack. The practical aspect of an individual pouch is that you easily switch backpacks. After all, you carry everything you could possibly need in one only pouch. You can also decide to only bring the pouch, or attach it to your belt. Need to help out a friend in need? Simply grab your EDC pouch filled with all your gear and you are good to go!

Maxpedition: MOLLE masters

We have Maxpedition to thank for the fact that the last couple of years we have run into MOLLE more and more often on the consumer market. Ever since 2003 they have redeveloped this carrier system that was once only designed for the American army, and made it the perfect accessory for consumers. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is comprised of a system of loops you use to weave MOLLE clips through. As such you end up with a strong connection that can also easily be removed. It is used on tactical vests, backpacks and other parts of the equipment. Subsequently you will be able to attach different types of sheaths, knives pouches and cases and other tools. An incredibly practical system that today is becoming more and more popular amongst consumers.