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Camp Chef: enjoy a wonderful meal with friends and family

Camp Chef is located in the heart of the Cache Valley, in Utah. Surrounded by the stunning Bear River Mountain Range. A perfect place to test products. Each product is the result of Camp Chef's enthusiasm for outdoor cooking and the promise to always develop new products that suit the needs of outdoor enthusiasts even better. 

The founder and director of Camp Chef, Ty Measom, saw that many campers and outdoor athletes wanted to cook outside but never had the right gear at their disposal. It was the perfect time to develop a gas stove that met the needs of these outdoor enthusiasts.

After being active on the camping market for almost a decade Camp Chef started producing cast iron cooking products that are enhanced with a True-Seasoned Finish. Because of this treatment the Dutch Ovens can immediately be used, in contrast to other Dutch Ovens that often need to be seasoned first. The roots of this company can be found outside in nature. A place you constantly need to experience without ever having to miss out on a delicious meal.

In short: the passion for great food and outdoor cooking, combined with innovative products and excellent production facilities led to a leading position in the outdoor cooking industry.