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Felco pruning shears, branch loppers and saws

Felco is one of the most famous brands for pruning tools and is used by many gardeners. In addition, this brand is often promoted at vocational schools. This alone says enough about the quality of the pruning shears, branch loppers and saws. All the Felco pruning tools are ergonomically designed for optimal comfort. As a result, the tools are amazing to use.

Felco Pruning tools: suitable for everyone

Felco’s goal is to produce innovative and sustainable tools for anyone who uses pruning tools and saws. Perfect for the professional market, but also for domestic use. Anyone who loves working with top-quality pruning tools is right to choose Felco.


Felco pays a lot of attention to ergonomics. For instance, the Felco 1 was enhanced with a cushion. This model is now known as the Felco 2 and the most copied type of pruning shears out there. In addition, Felco introduced the rolling handle. Because of this adjustment you need 30% less force to cut through a branch. But that is not all, Felco also produces pruning shears for left-handed users and for people with large and small hands.

A piece of Felco history

In 1946 Félix Flisch, founder of Felco SA and inventor of the pruning shears, brought his products to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, South Africa and Israel. His biggest wish was introducing his products to professionals. For it, however, Felco needed to offer even better and more efficient solutions to keep adhering to the increasing demands. He was successful! Today professionals all over the world use the Felco pruning tools.