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Light My Fire: starting a fire made easy

Light My Fire logo

'We sell fire' is the motto of the Swedish Light My Fire outdoor venture company. The founder of the company, Michael Odqvist, was impressed by the centuries-old tradition from Guatemala to use pine wood with a large resin share to keep a fire burning.

He saw the Golden combination of these TinderSticks and FireSteels to light the fire. With this combination as a basis, he managed to build a well-known company.

Designed to put a smile on your face

Light My Fire now has a broad and multicoloured product range. The Swedish FireSteel ® firelighters are available in various models. The Army, indeed, developed for the Swedish army, is intended for intensive use, while there are also lighter versions which are for the occasional user. Many colors and materials are available. Both user friendliness and looks will help putting the smile on your face which Light My Fire wants to accomplish.

Fire and more

Besides the fire lighters, Light My Fire has also began to focus on all types of related products. Knives, equipped with a fire maker, and accessories that make the life of a survivalist pleasant.