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Hultafors Premium axes: lifelong warranty on the axe head

The original Hultafors axe forge was established at Hults Burk in Östergötland, Sweden in 1697. It was the start of the Hultafors brand as we know it today. The axes are still forged at Hults Bruk, and made from Swedish axe steel. To celebrate the old tradition and the craftsmanship of forging, the axes in the premium collection were named after famous blacksmiths and areas surrounding Hults Bruk. 

The Hultafors axes are so special because of the heritage of Östergötland and the quality of the production process. Hultafors axes have been manufactured traditionally for over 300 years. The result is a stunning, reliable product that will last a lifetime. A Hultafors axe is made to last generations. As such all axe heads from the Premium collection come with a lifelong warranty. Recently Hultafors expanded the Premium collection with a sharpening stone that is stored in a luxurious storage case and a unique leather accessory for various outdoor purposes. 

Which premium axe will you choose? 

It is important to think about which axe you will need. After all, with the right axe you work more efficiently and don’t need as much energy. More importantly: by using the right axe for the right task, you also work a lot safer. As such you should always think about what you want to do with the axe. 

Felling trees 

Want to fell a tree? Go with the Åby or the Qvarfot. These felling axes are perfect when cutting down a tree. In addition, the Åby is great as an all-round axe. The Qvarfot is a specialist when it comes to chopping. All you have to do now is learn more about how to fell a tree

Splitting wood 

When splitting wood a splitting axe like the Hult will be the perfect choice. The heavy head has a devastating impact on the block of wood. And this is how you split wood! 

The smaller tasks 

For all small chopping tasks you go with a smaller hand axe. This type of axe is also perfect when you go hiking. Great examples are Hultån and the Ågelsjön. These axes are also great for bushcraft purposes. Especially the smaller Ågelsjön! With these hand axes building shelter will be a piece of cake, but also producing kindling for your fireplace or campfire is child’s play. 

Hunters axe or throwing axe 

Looking for a hunters axe? Stop looking! The Hultafors Premium collection also contains the Ekelund hunters axe. Its name suggests that you can only use it for hunting purposes, but you can do a lot more with the Ekelund. In terms of size it is a happy medium between a larger splitting axe and a smaller hand axe. As such this axe is also great for the smaller cutting tasks in and around the camp. With the Wetterhall Viking axe/throwing axe you can use one side for the rougher tasks and the other side for the smaller, more detailed tasks. Or you could, of course, use it as a cool throwing axe. 

Take good care of your axe 

When you purchase an axe you want to use it for a really long time. The solution? Proper maintenance! Check your axe regularly to see if you can still safely use it. It will be a piece of cake if you use this checklist. Maintenance is comprised of two parts: sharpening the head in time and maintaining the handle. In our how-to's you can read all about how to maintain and sharpen your axe