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Miyabi 4000FC kitchen knives: elegant and stylish

The Miyabi 4000FC kitchen knives steal the show. These Japanese kitchen knives are elegant and stylish. No elaborate damascus pattern like in many other Miyabi series, but a relatively plain and sleek blade that is definitely gorgeous in its own right. This collection consists of eight different blade shapes, so you have the right knife for every cutting job.

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Features of the Miyabi 4000FC series

The first thing you'll notice about these kitchen knives is their remarkable blade. The contours around the edge give the knife a striking appearance. It looks as if two types of steel have been brought together. The blade, however, is made from one type of steel, namely FC61. This is a Friodur ice-hardened stainless steel with a hardness of 61 HRC. It is a strong steel that can be sharpened to extreme levels of sharpness. It's no surprise that these knives are razor-sharp upon delivery. This is due to the traditional Japanese Honbazuke sharpening method, where each knife is expertly sharpened and stropped by hand in three phases.

Miyabi 4000FC handle

The blades of the Miyabi 4000FC knives merge seamlessly into the octagonal handles with a half bolster. The handle is made of dark pakka wood, with the characteristic mosaic pin in the middle. Stylish, but without too much fuss. Because the bolster does not extend all the way to the blade's heel, you can use the entire cutting edge. This is practical when using the knife as well as when sharpening it.