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Boska fondue sets and raclettes: for the most delicious melted cheeses

Boska has created different fondue pans a fondue sets in order for you to host a successful cheese fondue party. Add a touch of romance to your dinner table with a cute 200 ml tapas fondue set. Or why not choose the Bianco fondue set with a 1 litre ceramic pan. And what about the Mr. Big? A 6.5 litre party fondue set with twelve additional forks. Whether you want to ‘fondue for two’ or host a fondue party for an entire group of people, Boska has the answer!

The rise of the cheese fondue

Cheese fondue as we know it today was invented in Switzerland in the sixties. The name fondue comes from the French word ‘fondre’, which means to melt. Cheese fondue became a luxury which could be combined with bread and wine. Perfect for a cosy night with friends or family. Because many different cheeses are made in Switzerland soon many different varieties of fondue were available. However, the most common type of cheese fondue was made using Gruyere or Emmentaler, combined with wine or spices.

The use of the cheese fondue

The use of a Boska fondue set varies per product. For instance, some fondue pans are fireproof which means that they can be used on an open flame. Other fondue pans don’t have this option which means you have to pre-heat the cheese in the microwave, or in another pan after which you pour the contents into the fondue pan. You place the pan on the frame after which tea lights or a fondue burner is lid in order to keep the cheese at the right temperature. Also good to know: Boska’s fondue sets are not only perfect for cheese fondue, but also for chocolate fondue which is just as delicious. With Boska’s fondue sets you can basically go either way.


In addition to fondue sets Boska has also created appliances for raclettes. A traditional Swiss dish you should always serve in style. With Boska’s raclette you will add a wonderful appliance to your dinner table. The raclette is comprised of a foot for stability on the table, a standard for the cheese, and a hood with a heating element. You place a piece of cheese in the standard after which the top of the cheese will melt because of the heating element. The entire set-up can be rotated which means that you can allow the cheese to melt on both sides. Rotate the cheese frequently for the best results.

Boska: lover of cheese for over a hundred years

The Dutch Boska is an expert when it comes to cheese. For over a century the company has been making products for cheese. Or, as they would like to call them: Cheesewares. Throughout the years the range of products has grown exponentially with, amongst others, cheese slicers, cheese boards, cheese graters, cheese fondue sets, and cheese knives. Anything you might need to handle cheese, except the cheese itself. Boska’s products are suitable for all, whether you are an amateur chef or a cheese farmer.