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Yaxell Super Gou: amazing Japanese kitchen knives

Yaxell Super Gou kitchen knives have blades made of 161 layers of damascus steel. What a strange number? Not really! Each side of the blade is made from 80 layers of stainless damascus steel. An exceptional amount of layers. Between these layers is a core of rock-hard SG2 powdered steel. This combination makes the knives razor-sharp, stainless and dazzlingly beautiful. Very good!

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Features of Yaxell Super Gou knives

161 layers of damascus steel

The damascus steel is made from two types of stainless steel that are forged together in layers. These two types of steel have a different carbon content, which causes the steel to change colour differently as soon as they etch the steel. Etching means that a pattern emerges from the steel with the help of an acid. Stainless steel, whether damascus or not, isn't usually the hardest type of steel. That is why as SG2 powder steel core was added. The result is a rock-solid edge with a hardness of 63 HRC! The name of the series is hand-engraved on the side of the blade and on the back of the handle.

Western and Japanese-style handle

The round shapes and the three rivets make this handle look very similar to that of a European kitchen knife. This not only makes the knife feel comfortable in hand, it also ensures that the handle is solid and durable. The handle is made from black and red micarta. Micarta is a material comprised of linen impregnated with an epoxy resin. This makes it a very strong material. It can handle its own and withstand water. Micarta is known to offer a lot of grip, even when it is wet. The oval shape of the handle offers good grip and is comfortable to hold. The striking red colour is a design statement that turns heads.