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Steak knives

Steak knives are a stunning and practical addition to your dinner table! Meant to make cutting a steak or other piece of meat a lot easier. In addition, a sleek and graceful steak knife will be the centrepiece of the dinner table and will definitely impress your guests!

Looking for good steak knives?

Good steak knives are defined by the edge and the material used to produce the blade and handle. Want to learn more about how to choose the best steak knives? If so, continue reading!

The blade

In restaurants you often come across steak knives with a serrated (or partially serrated) edge. The reason is that serrated steak knives stay sharp a lot longer and will therefore function a lot longer before they need to be sharpened. The disadvantage, however, is that they are often not sharpened at all. Serrated steak knives saw, or tear the meat when they are really blunt instead of cutting it.

Steak knives with a smooth edge cut through the meat a lot better. The steel used is often a lot stronger which means you can also sharpen them a lot sharper. In addition, a smooth edge is easier to sharpen than a serrated edge. You do, however, pay more for steak knives with a smooth blade.

The blade, however, will never win from a porcelain or ceramic plate. Do you want your serrated or smooth steak knives to stay sharp longer? If so use a wooden serving board!


The handles of steak knives are often as long as the blade and made from stunning materials such as wood, horn or stainless steel. As such there are always steak knives that will match your plates or the interior of your dining room.

Steak knife set

Steak knives are sold both individually and in sets. A set of steak knives is often a little cheaper per knife and ensures that everyone at the dinner table is using the same steak knife. It can, however, also be fun to purchase individual steak knives to start your own collection!

For more information about steak knives check out our infotopic: what is a good steak knife?


What is a good steak knife?

Steak knives are available with serrated and with plain edges. Which will suit you best?