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Eden Dento kitchen knives: tough, traditional and razor-sharp

The kitchen knives from the Eden Dento collection are made by hand in Japan by traditional knife makers. Not in an industrial factory, but in a small workshop. The knives represent the centuries-old craftsmanship of Japanese knife makers. The light weight, rustic finish of the blade and razor-sharp edge are characterizing for these knives. Are you looking for a sharp Japanese kitchen knife? The Eden Dento kitchen knives are perfect for you.

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Eden Dento features

Eden Dento type of steel

The core of the blade is forged from top-quality Aogami Blue Paper steel. This is a non-stainless carbon steel which has been hardened up to approx. 63 HRC for the Dento series. This hardness also ensures you can sharpen this type of steel to extreme levels of sharpness. This core is laminated in between two layers of softer stainless steel for protection. These layers are enhanced with a rough finish, called Nashiji in Japanese.

The handle

The handle is made from stunning American cherry wood. The bolster is made from black pakka wood. The handle is shaped according to Japanese design and is therefore very lightweight. Because the handle is enhanced with a slight wax layer it can handle a couple drops of water, but it is best if you make sure it stays as dry as possible.

Tips for use

The right use and maintenance are very important for this type of kitchen knife. That's because the edge is very thin and hard. If you don't use it correctly, you could damage it. Only use the knife on a wooden or soft plastic cutting board. Do not make sideways movements with these Japanese knives: prying, wiggling and chopping can break the blade. And be sure to avoid bones, fish bones and frozen food. The core of the knife is not stainless, so please make sure to dry the knife after use. Wash the knife by hand, because the dishwasher could cause irreparable damage. That would be a shame!