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Cast-iron pans: decent quality pans for life

You do not purchase a cast iron pan for a little while, you purchase one for life. The pans from quality brands such as Le CreusetFissler and Combekk offer enable you to hand them over to your children when they are older.

Cast iron takes a while to heat up, however, it retains its temperature for a long period of time. Black cast iron lids tightly seal off the pan making sure you will never lose the flavour of your dish.

Cast iron casseroles

The combination of these qualities makes cast iron perfect for casseroles. It is, after all, for a reason that the Le Creuset-casseroles have been popular for years. There are, however, also bold cast iron casseroles made in the Netherlands: Combekk.

Enamelled cast iron

Because cast iron itself requires quite a lot of maintenance to keep it in great shape it is often enhanced with enamel. Simply put, enamel is a thin layer of glass which means it has the same function as a regular non-stick coating. Not only does this layer make cleaning a lot easier, the vibrant colours look amazing

Staub vs Le Creuset vs Combekk

What are the differences between the brands that produce different cast iron pans? And is there such a thing as a best cast iron casserole? We have drawn up a list of similarities and differences in our comparison: Staub vs Le Creuset vs Combekk