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Spring-pans: every cook loves Spring

Spring Logo

The Swiss brand Spring has been making the most beautiful, high-quality pans for over 30 years. The range of products includes casseroles, frying pans and wok pans. 

Good pans offer an exceptional ease of use and optimal heat distribution. The latest Spring-pans are characterized by the unique 5-ply construction. No pan is sold before extensive testing. Spring continues to improve and has been a leading supplier of pans for 30 years.

Spring at Knivesandtools

At Knivesandtools, we have made a selection of different casserole series and frying pans. The Brigade Premium-series, Cristal-series and Finesse-series contain mainly casseroles, saucepans and attractive sets of pans. Complete your set with a frying pan from the Vulcano-series and start cooking!

Unique 5-layer construction

When choosing the right cooking ware, there are a number of things to keep in mind. One of those is choosing the right heat source. Most of the Spring-series can be used with any heat source, including the oven. The Finesse-series is an exception to this. The pans are manufactured from a 5-ply material that ensures optimal heat conductivity. The inner and the outer layer are made of a stainless steel that is suitable for use with induction. Between the two layers is a 3-layer aluminum core. The layers distribute the heat evenly in the pan, from bottom to top. This will warm your food evenly, also making the pan more efficient and reducing energy usage.