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Sharpening your knives and taking care of them too? Knivesandtools: the sharpening expert

You can’t avoid it, over time each knife will become blunt when you use it. Little burs emerge on the blade making it broader. There is nothing you can do about it. The thing you can do, however, is make sure that your knife stays in great condition by sharpening and taking care of it. 

You could bring your knives to a local knife sharpener, but why not do it yourself? Sharpening your knives is very easy when you use the tools from Knivesandtools. In addition, sharpening your knives is great fun because you will experience step by step what happens to your knife while you sharpen it. As such you will truly start to appreciate your razor-sharp knives. Taking care of your own knives is fun, useful and, above all, a piece of cake!

Sharpening methods

There are several ways to sharpen your kitchen knife, pocket knife, axe, multi-tool, garden tools etc. Each method has its own techniques depending on the desired results. Perhaps you have just started sharpening, perhaps you have been doing it for years. One thing is clear: there is a perfect sharpening method for everyone!


In addition to sharpening it is important to take care of your tools as best as possible. As such you will be able to enjoy them longer. Properly clean, grease and store them. For this reason you can find the best grease agents, screwdrivers and other maintenance products on our website. All of them tested and given the okay! Anything to extend the life of your favourite tools.


Skerper Basic

Anything to make sharpening a piece of cake.