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EZE-LAP: sharpening with diamond sharpening stones

EZE Lap Logo

The American EZE-LAP makes diamond products for sharpening knives and tools. The company manufactures durable and easy-to-use diamond sharpening products for a very friendly price.

They make use of modern technologies and a unique manufacturing process. It is because of this that they are known as 'The Sharpener People' in the US. Whatever you are sharpening, EZE-LAP has the right diamond sharpening product for your knives and tools.

High-quality sharpening products

Since the early '70s, EZE-LAP has been making high-quality diamond sharpening products. They make use of a patented heat treatment process during which the diamond particles are bound together with a stainless metal alloy. The diamond particles are very evenly divided, which makes the surface flat for consistent sharpening results. In addition, a hardness of 72 HRC is achieved. This makes the products of EZE-LAP suitable for a wide variety of materials, from carbide to the hardest steels of modern kitchen knives.

Five different grain sizes

EZE-LAP uses five different grain sizes: extra coarse (150 grit), coarse (250 grit), medium (400 grit), fine (600 grit) and super fine (1200 grit). This will give you the ability to choose the exact grain size(s) for your sharpening jobs. In addition to diamond, EZE-LAP also makes use of ceramics. This will let you polish the cut for a nice finishing touch.

Always the correct grinding angle

On a diamond sharpening stone of EZE-LAP, you easily work as an experienced sharpener. The stones are available as pocket sharpening stones, foldable sharpening stones and bench stones. If you are having trouble finding the correct sharpening angle, EZE-LAP also has a grinding system that helps you in achieving the correct angle. A nice compact grinding system that lets you do the sharpening job a lot easier!