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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Ceramic sharpening stones: rock-solid and sustainable

Sharpening your knives on ceramic sharpening stones is fast and will leave you with amazing results. Ceramic sharpening stones are hard. They even come close to the hardness found in diamonds. As such they do not only enable you to quickly sharpen your knives, they also last a very long time. 

Furthermore, it makes them perfect to sharpen rock-hard types of steel. Please note: there is a difference between ceramic sharpening stones and ceramic-bound sharpening stones. At this page you will only find the ceramic sharpening stones.

Tips to keep your ceramic sharpening stone in great condition

To keep your ceramic sharpening stone in great condition you don’t need much. With some soapy water and a sponge you will go a long way. Do you want to clean a sharpening stone which has been used on a regular basis? If you do we recommend the Lansky Eraser Block. With this eraser you will simply erase it clean!