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Line-up employee Knivesandtools: Sjoerd

Cooking is not only about the results for me. It is a learning curve to discover new types of steel or cutting techniques that I haven't seen before on pocket knives. And the fact that the dish doesn't end up tasting so good, well, that is more my fault than that of the knife...

Eden Classic Damast 6-piece knife set

Chances are you have probably already seen this Eden classic Damast knife set in any of the other Line-ups. That is why I will be brief: this set is perfect for me. I have never felt these kitchen knives weren't good enough. This set is the foundation of my small collection of kitchen tools. When I need to quickly and efficiently prepare a meal I often use my Eden Classic Damast chef's knife. It makes me feel confident and it is my go-to option for the more demanding tasks. When chopping carrots or cabbage, for instance.

Robert Herder Mill knife

A great knife doesn't have to cost a lot of money. The Robert Herder Mill knife is the perfect example of such a knife. The reason I bought this knife was not because I needed it, but because of the steel the blade is made from. The great thing about this knife is namely that the blade is made from carbon steel. This type of steel will develop a patina on its own because of the acids in vegetables and fruit. This patina will help protect the knife from rust. Combined with the excellent sharpness retention of carbon steel this knife is the perfect tool to discover the world of carbon steel knives. Cooking with these knives is always an adventure!

Eden Kanso Aogami utility knife, 13.5 cm

After being completely obsessed with carbon steel kitchen knives it was time for an upgrade. I decided to go with a Eden Kanso Aogami utility knife because I had heard a lot of great things about it. The Japanese style and design, however, also appealed to me. The Kanso collection is, in addition to being incredibly functional, also very decorative. Each cooking session with a knife from the Kanso collection feels like a special ritual. This is, without a doubt, the knife I use most often. The size and design are perfect for me.

Spyderco Z-Cut K14SBK utility knife 11 cm, black, double-serrated

As a pocket knife collector I am a big fan of Spyderco. As such it is not that surprising that the first really good pocket knife I ever bought was one made by Spyderco. When Spyderco introduced a new collection of kitchen knives I knew I needed to own one. The choice was easy. I was still missing a good serrated knife for tomatoes and other vegetables. The knife I chose was the Spyderco Z-Cut. A great detail is that Spyderco also uses this type of serrated edge on their pocket knives. A small nod to Spyderco's roots as a pocket knife brand.

Spyderco Itamae Bunka Bocho Murrary Carter Collection, K18GPBNBK

A knife I would love to add to my Line-up is the Spyderco Itamae Bunka Bocho, designed by legendary knife maker Murray Carter. Not only do I not own a santoku knife yet, the unique design appeals to me. The handle is breathtakingly beautiful and very unique! The brown/black burl G10 looks like real wood. But the laminated blade with a Aogami Super Blue steel core is also awesome and unique. For a Spyderco fan this is definitely a real 'grail' knife

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Eden Classic Damast 6-piece knife set (incl. block) Set comprised of a knife block, sharpening steel, chef's knife, carving knife, bread knife and a peeling knife
€ 207,00 € 236,10

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Robert Herder peeling knife Famous paring knife made by Robert Herder in Solingen, Germany. Carbon steel blade, not stainless
€ 12,85

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Eden Kanso Aogami, utility knife 13.5 cm Hand-forged utility knife with a blade length of 13.5 cm from the Eden Kanso Aogami series.
€ 94,00

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Eden magnetic knife strip Oak, 50 x 6 cm Magnetic knife strip Eden 50 cm. Made from oak wood
€ 99,95

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Spyderco Itamae Bunka Bocho Murray Carter Collection, K18GPBNBK Weight: 180 grams Blade length: 18 cm Total length: 32 cm
€ 390,90

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Spyderco Z-Cut K14SBK utility knife 11 cm, black double serrations Double serrated utility knife; Blade length: 11 cm; Handle: Polypropylene
€ 19,00 € 22,90

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Expert Knivesandtools: Sjoerd

As a pocket knife specialist and collector I am surrounded by the most amazing pocket knives, outdoor knives and multi-tools on a daily basis. I recently moved out of parents' house and suddenly I needed a good kitchen knife. I know a lot about pocket knives. But what makes a good kitchen knife?! I immediately purchased a complete set of Eden Classic Damast knives. Today, about one year later, other kitchen knives also start to catch my eye. As a collector I want to continue to discover new knives and expand my horizon.

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