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Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

Kramer by Zwilling sharpening stones: become a master sharpener

Kramer by Zwilling Logo

Kramer by Zwilling sharpening stones are the best choice when you want to sharpen your Kramer by Zwilling knives. Chosen by the master knife maker himself: Bob Kramer. His years of experience and his critical look have led to a collection of amazing sharpening products.

Kramer by Zwilling: work towards the light!

The colours of the different stones were cleverly chosen: different shades of grey. When you use these colours from dark to light you will also work from course to fine. Kramer has chosen a construction where the stone is attached to a glass sheet. As such you will be able to use them until they are almost worn out, without risking the stone breaking.

About Bob Kramer

Bob Kramer is famous in the knife world. For years this American knife maker has been making the most amazing knives. He once started out with the goal to make top quality knives that could easily be sharpened and retained their sharp edge, even after using it for a long time. For decades Bob Kramer has perfected the art of forging knives with passion and dedication. Something that didn’t go unnoticed because there is a long waiting list filled with people who want a knife made by Bob Kramer. As a result the kitchen knives he has designed for Zwilling are incredibly popular.