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LED torches & batteries

Head torches for running: to see and be seen

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced runner, a head torch is essential when you go out. Not only to see yourself, but also to be seen. In the dark it is namely easier to overlook obstacles, which can lead to nasty injuries. But also others will see you a lot sooner. As such a good head torch is important for your own safety and those of others. In our range of head torches for running you will find different models, made by different brands, available in different price ranges. Below you will find all head torches suited for runners. 

The best head torch for runners 

Which head torch will suit you best depends on the situation in which you will be using the head torch. We advise you to pay attention to the following: the number of lumens, carrying comfort, and the burn time of the batteries.

The right light beam while going for a run 

If you are planning to run within city limits it is wise to use a head torch with at least 50 lumens. You will see enough yourself and you will also be seen. If you pass city limits it is best to use a head torch with a least 150 lumens. Always select a head torch with at least 2 light modes and a fairly spread beam. Did you know we also sell head torches that are enhanced with a red beam on the back? This second light is placed on the back of your head and makes you extra visible. Better safe than sorry!

Being comfortable while you're going for a run 

For stability and comfort it is best to choose a model with a broad and adjustable headband. It is also important to pay attention to the weight of the head torch. The lighter, the better. Up to 175 grams (excluding batteries) a head torch will still feel comfortable. Are you planning to go for a long run? If so use a head torch enhanced with a battery on the back of your head. This will provide a better balance. 

Full speed ahead 

Well begun is half done. Only go out with full batteries or a fully charged battery in your head torch. If possible also bring a spare battery. After all, you don't want your head torch to stop during your work-out. As such you should always take a close look at the burn time of the battery. Your battery needs to outlast your work-out.


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