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Led Lenser torches: LED torches with focusable beam

The name Led Lenser captures the essence of these flashlights. Modern LED's are the light source of these torches. Ranging from the smallest Keychain lights to the enormous spotlight in the X-series, all of them use the very best LED's available.

Innovative technology

The Led Lenser lenses are unique in the world of flashlights. Practically all torches are equipped with the unique Advanced Focus System. This makes it possible to use a very focused beam with a long beam throw, or to choose a very wide beam which lights up a broad area. All with the same torch. The lamp head can be quickly adjusted to choose the proper setting. Then you can lock the position of the lamp head by twisting it to the side; there is no risk of unintentional shifting then.

Rechargeable Led Lenser torches can be charged by locking the magnetic charging unit into place on an ingenious switch. The solid aluminium torches are beautifully designed. The name Led Lenser is written proudly around the LED in the lamp head of each torch.