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Outdoor sharpening and maintenance

Not only your Chef’s knife, but also you pocket knife, multi-tool or axe you want to keep in a good state. That’s the reason maintaining the sharpness of your knives is important. A regular sharpening touch-up keeps them in mint condition and makes sure your knife or multi-tool can be used at any time. The best outdoor sharpening methods are below.

Outdoor knives can be sharpened and looked after in different ways. Compact special sharpening kits make it possible to sharpen a knife anywhere. Would you like a better grip while sharpening? With a Lansky or Wicked Edge sharpening system even the dullest blades can become sharp again. The finishing touch can be done with a stropping belt. A razor sharp knife will be the result.

Sharpening on the road

Even when you are on the road you would like to have small, or big, maintenance on your knife. Small compact sharpening systems are the answer! You can bring them with you easily or slide them in your pocket. Quick maintenance is easily done, so you never have to walk around with a dull blade again.

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Outdoor Sharpening system

Ideal for your pocket knives and multi-tools: sharpening systems for your outdoor tools. The sharpening systems by Lansky, Wicked Edge and Spyderco and user-friendly, innovative and they are designed to sharpen all your pocket knives. These systems all deliver a razor sharp result.

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From the leather belt and balm to polishing paste. Everything for stropping combined. Stropping is an old technique by which you sharpen a knife with a leather belt. A big advantage is that the belt does not remove metal parts, but it basically lines-out the parts. It is a great finishing touch for your pocket knife.

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