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Eden Binoculars

10% off

Eden binoculars: optimal vision at the best price

Eden binoculars are developed by knivesandtools and exclusivly available through stores. We started looking for the best binocular manufacturers and have developed the current superior binoculars. The extensive experience of knivesandtools (since 1999) and the many user experiences of our customers were used to develop the Eden binoculars.

Time and time again the Eden binoculars score high in customer reviews and the brand has a large number of keen users throughout Europe. The binoculars are exclusively for sale in online KATO Group shops. We guarantee premium quality at the best possible price. The Eden binoculars are extensively tested by the Twentse Vogelwerkgroep among others and achieved very good results!

Have a look at the Eden binoculars test reports. Or read the reviews of the many Eden binoculars buyers!


Eden binoculars XP 8x42
€ 249,00 € 279,00
Eden binoculars XP 10x42
€ 249,00 € 279,00
Eden Binoculars HD 10x42
€ 134,95 € 149,00
Eden Binoculars HD 8x42
€ 134,95 € 149,00
Eden binoculars XP 10x56
€ 350,00 € 389,00
Eden Binoculars HD 8x32
€ 99,00 € 110,00
Eden HD 10x42 monocular
€ 134,10 € 149,00
Eden XP 8x32 binoculars
€ 205,95 € 229,00
Eden HD 8x42 monocular
€ 134,10 € 149,00
Eden HD 10x25 binocular
€ 93,60 € 104,00