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12x50 binoculars for outdoor activities

12x50 binoculars are large binoculars that are perfect for professional use and specialised activities. During these activities, the object is far away, for example when you're plane spotting or when you're out hunting.

The magnification factor of 12x50 binoculars

A pair of 12x50 binoculars has a magnification factor of 12 and an objective diameter of 50 mm. An example: when you look at an object that is located 120 metres away, binoculars with a 12x magnification factor will make it appear as if the object is located 10 metres away. Please keep in mind that your movement is also magnified. It is therefore wise to use a tripod for larger binoculars.

Front lens diameter

A front lens diameter of this size ensures that the binoculars can be used even in low-light conditions. A diameter of 50 mm allows way more light to pass through the lens than, for example, a diameter of 32 mm. This is especially practical if you want to use your binoculars in the forest or at dusk.

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