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Protect your frying pans

Good pans are valuable. The main reason being the materials from which they were made and the way the heat is conducted. Top-quality pans will last a lifetime provided they are maintained properly. This also includes storing the pans after use. You can damage your pans by haphazardly stacking them in your kitchen cabinets, something which, unfortunately, happens a lot.

Especially for (frying)pans with a non-stick coating stacking them could be disastrous. Just like using metal spatulas and such, which is something we strongly advise against. Obvious because a damaged non-stick coating means that your dishes will burn sooner, but also that you will need more and more oil or butter. Even worse, when you are using a Teflon coating it could also be bad for your health when the Teflon particles start to let go. After all, C-8 could be released, a (if consumed in large concentrations) carcinogenic Teflon component. 

Stacking responsibly

Fortunately there are several options to store your pans properly. One of those options is using felt or rubber pan protectors to make sure the pans don’t come into contact. As a result you can keep stacking your pans. You could also use towels.

There are however, also special racks you can use to store the pans. These types of racks can be placed in your cupboards, out of sight, or hang from the wall. Of course, you should take the height of your pans into account when purchasing such a rack. After all, both your low frying pan and deep saute pan should fit.

Stack your pans safely using pan protectors

Hanging pans

Another solution is hanging your pans. You do, however, need to have enough room to do that. Many frying pans have a little hole at the end of the handle to make sure you can hang them from a hook. You could, for instance, mount these hooks from the ceiling above the sink. Today, however, you can also purchase hooks with strong suction cups to make sure you don’t have to drill holes in your ceiling. The advantage of hanging pans is that you will always have them close when you are cooking. In addition, you will have enough room left in your cupboards for other kitchen tools.

If your kitchen been enhanced with a large cooking island (or do you have enough room), you could decide to hang your pans from the ceiling. If you do this right, for instance, by hanging them with ropes from a solid, wooden beam, this will look amazing. Do, however, always make sure that there is enough room in between the pans, to make sure they don’t bump into each other. You could also opt for a chandelier-shaped rack, which you could also hang from your ceiling.  However, don’t forget you also still need to work in the kitchen: mind your head!

As you can tell there are a lot of options for each kitchen to safely store your pans. Think about these options first before you purchase a new set of pans. Your pans are definitely more than worth it!