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Professional head torches: powerful and reliable

As a professional your demands for a head torch are different from those of a consumer. Weight might not be that relevant, but the fact that you need to be able to use it every day for longer periods of time might. The right tool for the right task, that is what counts. During repairs or installations in poorly lit areas it is important to have your hands free. At that moment a proper professional head torch will be crucial. For this reason we have selected a number of amazing torches.

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Fenix HL60R rechargeable LED head torch

36 review(s)

  • Maximum of 950 ANSI lumens, minimum of 5 ANSI lumens
  • Very decent version enhanced with aluminium
  • Rechargeable, but with interchangeable 18650 battery
  • Optional helmet attachment to make sure you won’t need a headband

€ 74,95

In stock

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Led Lenser H14R. 2 rechargeable head lamp

81 review(s)

  • Maximum of 1000 ANSI lumens, minimum of 60 ANSI lumens
  • Focusing light beam to make sure you will always have the right amount of light at hand
  • Rechargeable with model specific battery, but can also be used with four AA batteries
  • Innovative controls with rotating wheel and red backlight for additional visibility

€ 130,00 € 179,00

± 1 week

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Nitecore HC30 head torch

14 review(s)

  • Maximum of 1000 ANSI lumens, minimum of 1 ANSI lumen
  • Compact design, made from aluminium with a silicone suspension
  • Very low mode of 1 ANSI lumen
  • Not rechargeable, but you can work with two batteries you use alternately

€ 54,95 € 59,90

Not available

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ATEX head torches for professionals

ATEX certified head torches are used in the industry. They are designed as such that the risk of potential sparks or an increase of heat is limited to a minimum. As such they are also called “explosion proof head torches”. In real life they are often used at oil rigs, in mines and the installation and energy sector. For ATEX head torches reliability and safety are key. As such the maximum light output is always a little lower than the light output in conventional head torches.


Petzl PIXA 3 head torch E78CHB-2, ATEX

8 review(s)

€ 59,95 € 65,95

In stock

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Petzl PIXA 1 headlamp E78AHB-2, ATEX

1 review(s)

  • Maximum of 60 ANSI lumens, minimum of 20 ANSI lumens
  • Wide beam for an even beam nearby
  • Favourably priced
  • Works with two AA batteries and comes with a helmet attachment

€ 33,30 € 36,95

In stock

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Petzl PIXA 2 headlamp E78BHB-2, ATEX

2 review(s)

  • Maximum of 34 ANSI lumens
  • Weighs next to nothing
  • Works with one AA battery and comes with a helmet attachment

€ 44,00 € 48,95

In stock

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