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New in our range: SENCUT Knives!

Who is SENCUT?

SENCUT is a new brand and a part of knife manufacturer WE Knife. After the success of Civivi, WE Knife decided to expand its range. They did an amazing job with SENCUT! WE Knife focuses on the high-end market and Civivi was a massive hit for the mid-range segment. As such it is not that surprising that SENCUS focuses on the budget market.

What is SENCUT known for?

The SENCUT knives have an amazing price-quality ratio and are made to be used. For the steel the emphasis is placed on user-friendliness, think of steel that can handle its own and is also easy to sharpen. In terms of handle materials SENCUT opted for lightweight materials that, even after long-term use, still feel great in hand.

Where does SENCUT come from?

Like WE Knife and Civivi, SENCUT is produced in the knife capital of China, Yangjiang City. The production takes place in the same factory as the above-mentioned brands. Despite the lower prices, the production quality is outstanding.