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Fiskars X25 splitting axe made better: meet the Fiskars X32

Check out the new and improved Fiskars X series! The popular Fiskars X25 splitting axe has some new features that make it even better, safer, more durable and more manageable. Its new name: the Fiskars X32 Splitting Axe! This is already the 5th generation of this very popular axe series. Knivesandtools is happy to explain the new upgrades.

Differences between the Fiskars X25 and X32: axe head

The Fiskars X32 splitting axe has an all-new axe head, which is not only wider but also higher than that of the Fiskars X25. The bigger wedge shape splits wood even more efficiently and also makes it easier to remove the axe from the wood. In addition, there's a higher cutting edge, which improves stability. This stability is especially practical when it comes to cleaving large and hard pieces of wood. The stability and increased control offered by a wide and high axe head make it even to safer to use this axe. It reduces the risk of accidents or injuries during splitting. Of course, it's still important to use the correct splitting technique. In short: the new Fiskars X32 is an even safer and efficient tool to split wood!

Fiskars X25
The Fiskars X25
Fiskars X32
The Fiskars X32

Differences between the Fiskars X25 and X32: handle

Another notable improvement that significantly improves the overall user experience is the SoftGrip. The SoftGrip is the orange part of the handle. Its main function is to effectively absorb the shocks of impact. The X25 already featured this SoftGrip, but on the Fiskars X32 splitting axe it takes up a larger part of the handle to absorb shocks even better. This provides significantly more comfort during use. Of course, the Fiskars X32 splitting axe retains its distinct black and orange colours.

New Fiskars X25 and X32: general upgrades

Some upgrades are true for all new Fiskars X axes. Read more about the Fiskars X series upgrades here. While the Fiskars X axes retain their robust FiberComp handle, the construction has been upgraded to improve lifespan. Improvements have also been made to the axe heads. Some have a higher and thinner edge, giving more efficient results. Other axes have actually been made thicker so that you can split large pieces of wood with more ease. Another notable improvement is the longer SoftGrip™. This is the orange part of the handle that absorbs the shock of impact. This provides significantly more comfort during use. These modifications make the Fiskars X axes more durable and more efficient. There's always a suitable Fiskars X axe for your needs!