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Buck 110 with ebony!

Even a classic like the Buck 110 Folding Hunter is updated once in a while. Early 2019 Buck decided to replace the handle material with ebony. Even fancier!

For years the handle on the Buck 110 was made from Dymondwood. A type of composite of layers of hardwood with synthetic resin in between. Incredibly strong and stable, but not the same as wood. For that reason Buck exchanged that wood with ebony. This makes each knife even more unique. After all, wood is never the same.

Buck 110 Ebony

Not just any type of ebony

With tropical hardwood such as ebony it is key that it comes from a reliable source. From a company that cares about people and the environment. For that reason Buck decided to work with Crelicam for this new edition of the Buck 110. This is a Cameroon-based timber company that focuses on sustainability and the environment. It is good to know that this wood is 'green'.

Buck Knives: a mastodon in the knife world

Buck Knives is one of the leading knife companies of the past 60 years. With the Buck 110 Folding Hunter they changed the pocket knife world. When people think of 'a pocket knife' they often think of a Buck 110 or a knife that is based on it.

Buck 110 Ebony


Fortunately the messing bolsters and the 420 HC steel with famous BOS heat treatment remained the same. As a result it remains the same classic pocket knife, only with a stunning new cover. Curious? Check out the Buck 110 Folding Hunter.