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HORL 2 Pro knife sharpener, HO2P-SET

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€ 299,00

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The HORL 2 Pro knife sharpener is incredibly ingenious. This rolling knife sharpener is namely enhanced with an internal planetary wheel mechanism. As such the rotating parts of this sharpener rotate three times as fast in comparison to the other HORL knife sharpeners. The core of the knife sharpener is comprised of stainless steel. The outside of the sharpener is made from aluminium and painted with a dark bronze colour. End up with professional sharpening results even faster with the HORL 2 Pro.

The HORL 2 knife sharpeners are produced close to the Black Forest in Germany. The HORL 2 Pro is enhanced with two sides. The diamond-coated sharpening disc (J400 grit) ensures that the edge of your knife is quickly straightened out and enhanced with a fixed sharpening angle. Turn the sharpener over and use the ceramic sharpening disc (J1000 grit) to make sure the knife will become razor-sharp again.


This all-round knife sharpener can only be called unique. With this sharpener you no longer move the knife over the sharpening stone, but move the stone over the knife. The included magnetic base holds the knife at a fixed 15 or 20 degree angle. Because of this angle the HORL 2 is suited for European and Japanese kitchen knives. The 20 degree sharpening angle is also great for most pocket knives. The HORL 2 sharpening discs can be removed to make sure you can always use the disc you need.

For additional grip and to protect the knife from scratches the neodymium magnets are placed behind a layer of silicone rubber. The magnets are placed as such that even the small knives stay in place. You simply place a knife with a lower blade higher on the magnetic base. To sharpen knives with a high blade you place the knife sharpener on a cutting board or other raised surface. The bottom of the magnetic base has four rubber feet to make sure the holder and the knife don't move as you sharpen your knife.

Tip: properly clean the silicone rubber and the knife in between use. As such you prevent scratches.

Sharpening serrated knives

In addition to regular kitchen knives you can also sharpen serrated knives. Bread knives for instance. For it you, however, don't need the magnetic base. The serrations on a bread knife are often not 15 degrees and you cannot adjust the sharpening angle of a bread knife.

Hold the knife in hand and rotate the sharpener to make sure only the edge of the stone hits the edge. Turn the knife to make sure you sharpen the edge and roll, as you hold the sharpener at an angle, the sharpener alongside the serrated knife. The following video clearly shows how you can sharpen a bread knife with the HORL knife sharpener.


At the foot of the Black Forest you'll find HORL. The family business of Otmar and Timo Horl. Father and son. Otmar's idea to create a rolling knife sharpener dates back to the nineties. Throughout the years he and his son Timo designed, updated and produced the knife sharpener.


Brand HORL
Colour black/brown
Country of origin Germany

HORL 2 Pro knife sharpener, HO2P-SET


General information

Brand HORL
Colour black/brown
Country of origin Germany
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year

Features & functions

Sharpening angle 15º, 20º
Fixed sharpening angle yes
Grit according to supplier 400, 1000
Use with water no
Suitable for asian kitchen knives, double sided sharpened knives, blades sharpened on one side, pocket knives, serrated blades, western kitchen knives
Number of adjustable sharpening angles: 2
Type sharpening system
Grit size Coarse (220-600), Fine (1000-3000)


Material aluminum, stainless steel
Abrasive diamond, ceramic

Scope of delivery

Storage box / etui yes
Number of stones included 2

Dimensions & weight

Weight 1150 grams
€ 299,00

Not available

This product is temporarily unavailable

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