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Home Pans & cookware Combekk Combekk cast-iron frying pan, 28 cm, black

Combekk cast-iron frying pan, 28 cm, black

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SKU: CB101128DG

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Full description

This Combekk frying pan is a remarkable Dutch product made from Dutch train tracks. When you see the box for the first time you immediately know you are dealing with a unique product, this Combekk is made of 100% recycled material. Made of cast iron, so you can enjoy its beautiful design for life. This solid frying pan is suitable for all types of hobs. The smoothly coated finish ensures a very smooth surface, making cleaning the pan very easy. Cast-iron retains the temperature for a long time and slowly releases it. This can be either a high or low temperature. As such the pan is also great to keep dishes cool or frozen in the fridge or freezer. Once cooled the pan could, for instance, be used as a serving dish on hot summer’s day. Through its wooden handle, this pan isn't suitable for the oven or dishwasher.

What makes Combekk even more unique!

The cast-iron makes the perfect distribution of heat a possibility and retains this heat for a long time. This results in a perfect preparation of food where the natural flavour and vitamins are maintained. In short: looking for a unique piece of quality work? If so this Combekk pan will be indispensable in your kitchen!

Combekk pans: Steel with a story

Combekk pans: A story that needs to be told! The inside of the lid reminds you in a lovely way that you are dealing with traditional Dutch design. Material from old bridges, buildings, vehicles or even railways are used to produce stunning Combekk pans.. Each pan has its own story: the origin of the material is cast on the base of the pan. All Combekk pans have a functional and hip design and are top-quality products because of the right mix of materials. This is all possible thanks to a special melting furnace located in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. Tough and ecological have found each other in the form of these sustainable and robust cast-iron pans!

Combekk: The Dutch oven is back home

The name "Dutch refers to an originally Dutch production technique. Combekk also uses this technique to produce all its pans. This makes Combeck the only manufacturer that actually produces its Dutch Oven pans in the Netherlands. The Dutch oven is back to its old roots!


Brand Combekk
Colour brown, black
Country of origin The Netherlands

Combekk cast-iron frying pan, 28 cm, black


General information

Brand Combekk
Colour brown, black
Country of origin The Netherlands
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 40 year
Series Rails Edition (Combekk)
Number 1 pieces


Material handle Jatoba wood
Material cast iron

Scope of delivery

Delivered as a set no
Including lid no

Features & functions

Dishwasher safe no
Displays exact measure no
Can go into the microwave no
Can go into the oven no
Handle yes, one grip and a handle
Cold grip no
Heat Source electric, gass, induction, halogen
Non-stick layer enameled
Type fry pan
Thermo-spot no

Dimensions & weight

Diameter 28 cm
Size large
Weight 3900 grams
Handle length 28.5 cm
Height 4.5 cm
Width of bottom surface 6.5 mm
Diameter of bottom 25.5 cm
Diameter including handle 56.5 cm
€ 119,00 € 149,00

± 1 week

This product has been ordered. The delivery time is an indication. Please take delays into account.

0 review(s)

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