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Top 10 fixed EDC knives

In this Top 10 fixed EDC knives we have listed our favourite fixed EDC knives. You could say that a folding knife is by definition defective because it can close. In situations where that really shouldn't be allowed a compact, fixed EDC knife is the answer. These are neck knives, or knives that are designed to be worn in a pocket.

Why would you carry a fixed EDC knife?

First of all, a fixed EDC knife won't just close. Incredibly safe, especially when you know you are about to carry out heavy-duty tasks. But also think of maintenance: a pocket knife with moving parts should always be kept clean. This to ensure the function of the lock and the opening mechanism. In dusty surroundings a fixed knife will therefore be the answer. Another reason to carry a fixed EDC blade could be the law. In some countries you cannot carry a pocket knife, but are able to carry a fixed knife up to a certain length.

What makes a fixed knife a suitable EDC knife?

Of course not every knife is great for EDC use, although opinions sometimes differ. We, however, believe that a fixed EDC knife should easily be carried on a daily basis. With the help of a great sheath or other carrier solution, for instance, or because the knife is so compact and practical you can easily carry it with you. This is mainly a list of knives we believe are suited for the job.


LionSteel M1-UL Olive wood, fixed knife

1 review(s)

The LionSteel M1 is our most favourite fixed EDC blade. M390 steel, Italian design, wooden handle, amazing finish: what's not to love? And all that for an amazing price. You can easily carry the leather sheath in your pocket and with the lanyard you can easily pull it out. Available with different handle materials.

€ 136,95 € 152,00

± 2 weeks

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CRKT Minimalist Drop Point 2384K necker, Alan Folts design

8 review(s)

The CRKT Minimalist is as its name already suggests: simple and effective. For years it is one of CRKT's most popular fixed knives. With such a price and utilitarian design that isn't too surprising. The plastic sheath fits perfectly and comes with a neck cord and belt clip.

€ 37,45 € 56,95

± 1 week

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ESEE Knives Izula II OD-Green, IZULA-II-OD

2 review(s)

Looking for a fixed knife with survival ambitions? If so you could opt for the ESEE Izula. Can be used with the micarta scales, or without to make it even lighter. The sheath is incredibly practical and can be carried in different ways. This II-version has a slightly longer handle and is better suited for larger hands.

€ 107,90 € 119,90

± 1 week

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Real Steel Connector 3151 Droppoint neck knife, Ostap Hel design

2 review(s)

The Real Steel Connector might be a little less known, but not any less suitable! We think it is great because of its price and nicely milled scales. The sleek kydex sheath fits well and can easily be carried with the included neck cord.

€ 45,90

± 1 week

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Bark River PSK Elmax Black Canvas Micarta

0 review(s)

PSK: Pocket Survival Knife. The name already says it all: a survival knife for in your pocket. Relatively small, but with its razor-sharp and thin convex edge it is incredibly effective. The cool thing about Bark River is that each of their knives contains so much manual work and that each knife is ergonomically sound.

€ 179,95

± 2 months

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GiantMouse GMF1-C fixed knife

0 review(s)

Danish pocket-sized design: the GiantMouse GMF-1. Designed by Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø from Denmark, and made in Maniago, Italy. Great about this knife are the small details. Subtle grip serrations, stunning bevelled edges. The leather sheath is perfect for your pocket.

€ 142,00

Not available

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ESEE Candiru Black CAN-B neck knife with black sheath + belt clip

8 review(s)

What is true for the aforementioned Izula, is also true for the Candiru. Only slightly smaller, to make sure taking it with you is even easier. And even more affordable. The great thing about the Candiru is that it is also available in different colours.

€ 69,95 € 92,50

In stock

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Böker Plus Pocket Knife 02BO522 fixed knife

1 review(s)

The Böker Plus Pocket Knife is a fixed knife which was specifically designed for in your pocket. The sheath is enhanced with an UltiClip to make sure it will stay in your pocket when you take the knife out. A practical knife for daily use.

€ 36,00 € 41,95

In stock

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Brisa Necker 70, black micarta, kydex sheath 9801

12 review(s)

The EnZo Necker is a compact and practical neck knife. Available in many different versions and with different sheaths to make sure there is something for everyone. As such you even select a Scandi-version.

€ 50,00

± 1 week

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TRC Knives Speed Demon, Elmax Satin, neck knife

0 review(s)

The TRC Speed Demon is a high-end knife from Lithuania. The M390 steel retains its sharpness for a very long time and the quality of the sheath is remarkably high. You can carry it as a neck knife, but it is also enhanced with a flexible belt loop to make sure you can hang it from your belt.

€ 185,00

Not available

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