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Top-10 stunning damast kitchen knives

At Knivesandtools we sell many kitchen knives with a blade made from damasteel. The amount of layers of damast varies, but the similarity is clear: these knives are stunning. We sell almost 200 knives with a blade made from damascus steel. In this top 10 we listed our favourite damast kitchen knives.


Eden Classic Damast chef's knife 20 cm

420 review(s)

The blade of this Eden Classic Damast knife has a core made from rock-solid and stainless AUS-10 steel, with a hardness of 60 HRC. The edge is razor-sharp and can easily be sharpened. The core has been encased in multiple layers of graceful Damasteel. Because of this combination this chef's knife is not only very functional, it is also a true eye catcher in your kitchen.

€ 64,95

In stock

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Kai Shun Premier Tim Mälzer DM1706 chef's knife 20 cm

14 review(s)

This Kai Shun Tim Mälzer knife is enhanced with Kai's famous Damascus layered steel construction, combined with a very hard VG-MAX steel core. The core of the blade is on the outside enhanced with 32 layers of stainless damasteel. The blade has been hammered by hand in a Japanese way. This technique is called tsuchime. It not only ensures that the knife is razor-sharp and looks amazing, it also makes sure that nothing sticks to the blade.

€ 219,00

± 1 week

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Miyabi 6000MCT, 20 cm Gyutoh, 34073-201 by Zwilling

13 review(s)

This Miyabi knife is a sight for sore eyes and amazing to use. The core of this knife is made from ice-hardened Microcarbide Cryodur steel with a hardness of 63HRC. Combined with a very thin blade it makes this knife incredibly sharp. The hammered surface of the blade makes the knife amazing to look at.

€ 199,00 € 209,00

Not available

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Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji utility knife 13 cm, 38260-131

0 review(s)

This Kramer by Zwilling Euro Meiji knife is amazing to look at. The blade has a core made from Fc61 steel, surrounded by hundreds of other layers of steel. Thanks to a special process all knives get their own damast pattern. During this process the blade is polished and is subjected to a ice hardening process. As such you are left with a hardness of 61 HRC. It makes the knives extremely robust and hard, and it ensures that they retain their sharpness for a very long time.

€ 186,15 € 219,00

± 1 week

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Tojiro Shippu Black damast nakiri 16 cm, FD-1598

1 review(s)

The knives from the black collection can be recognized by the dark look of the knife. The knives are traditionally forged from 63 layers of damasteel. The core of the blade is made from VG10 steel. The blade, with its VG-10 steel core is corrosion resistant because of a process with black iron oxide. The same process also clearly brought forward the pattern in the Damasteel blade. The blade is polished and shines like a mirror. As such it is a razor-sharp piece of jewellery in the kitchen!

€ 169,00

In stock

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Böker Damask Olive 17.2 cm santoku, 130437DAM

0 review(s)

This knife from the Böker Damast Olive collection represents quality and elegance, with a multi-cultural touch. The handles are made from stunning olive wood from the Mediterranean. This wood has a nice pattern and even still smells like olives. The stunning pattern of this wood looks great with the thin damasteel blade with a core made from Japanese VG10-steel. The edge is razor-sharp, Japanese style.

€ 164,66 € 182,90

In stock

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Eden Susumi SG2 Chef's knife, 23 cm

4 review(s)

This kitchen knife from the Susumi SG2-collection is forged by hand in Japan. Susumi means progress. This luxurious kitchen knife is made from SG2 powdered steel. This is a type of steel with a very fine structure and a hardness of 62-63 HRC. Combine this with the stunning damasteel and you will find our vision of perfection in this knife.

€ 239,00

In stock

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Kai Shun Nagare chef's knife 20 cm, NDC-0706

1 review(s)

This 20 cm Kai Shun Nagare chef's knife is one of the kitchen knives from the stunning Shun Nagare collection. A unique collection, enhanced with a special blade with a striking design. It is made from flexible VG2-steel and hard VG10 steel, combined to end up with 72-layers of damasteel. A type of dual-core blade, with a hardness of 61 HRC. Innovatively forged and with a remarkable design. Each knife is amazing to look at!

€ 349,00

In stock

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Kai Shun Santoku

40 review(s)

This santoku from the Kai Shun Classic collection is made from 32 layers of damasteel with a core made from VG-MAX. This results in unparalleled cutting properties. This knife is amazing to look at and amazing to work with.

€ 189,00

± 1 week

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Böker Damast Black bread knife, 130423DAM

0 review(s)

The knives have a traditional Japanese handle made from black multiplex. The design of the handle with the matt stainless steel clamps give this collection its special character. The dark colour of the handle looks great with the damasteel blade with a core made from Japanese VG10 steel. The noticeable sharpness when you use the knife turns cooking into a real experience.

€ 164,66 € 182,90

In stock

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Damast pocket knives

Of course Damascus steel is also often used in the pocket knife world. Not as often as with kitchen knives, but certainly not less impressive! Damast pocket knives radiate style, quality and taste. Many of these damast pocket knives are limited editions or sprint runs and very collectable. Perfect for collectors who are looking for pocket knives that stand out in between al other 'normal' pocket knives. For that reason it is definitely worth your while looking into these types of pocket knives. Curious to find out which damascus steel pocket knives we sell? Check out all damast pocket knives!

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