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Test: the most powerful torches

What is the most powerful torch around? We give a definitive answer to this question with the list below. Stories about military torches having to be prohibited are read everywhere. Those torches actually almost never live up to their promises. That is the reason we tested our torches ourselves. The list below is the result of these tests. They we all tested under the same conditions which makes comparison easy and fair. Would you like to know how the tests were executed? You can read all about that at the bottom of this page.


NiteCore TM38 Tiny Monster LED-searchlight

1 review(s)

  • 2 lux at 487 meters
  • Light source: Cree XHP35 Hi D4
  • Lumens: 1.800
  • Batteries: Rechargeable battery

€ 499,00 € 569,95

In stock

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NiteCore TM36 Tiny Monster

4 review(s)

  • 2 lux at 393 meters
  • Light source: LUMINUS SBT-70
  • Lumens: 1.800
  • Batteries: 4x 18650 / 8x CR123A

€ 439,00 € 499,00

± 1 month

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Fenix TK75, 2018 edition powerful LED flashlight, 5100 lumens

50 review(s)

2 lux at 354 meters
Light source: 4x Cree XHP35 Hi-led
Lumens: 5.100
Batteries: 4x 18650 / 8x CR123A

€ 219,95

In stock

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NiteCore TM16GT Tiny Monster

0 review(s)

  • 2 lux at 308 meters
  • Light source: 4x Cree XP-L HI-led
  • Lumens: 3.600
  • Batteries: 4x 18650 / 8x CR123A

€ 249,00 € 299,95

± 1 month

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Fenix RC40 rechargeable LED torch

16 review(s)

  • 2 lux at 282 meters
  • Light source: 6x Cree XM-L2 U2
  • Lumens: 6.000
  • Batteries: Rechargeable battery

€ 379,95

In stock

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Fenix TK47

2 review(s)

  • 2 lux at 264 meters
  • Light source: 1x Cree XHP35
  • Lumens: 1.300
  • Batteries: 2X 18650 / 4x CR123A

€ 139,95

In stock

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Led Lenser X21R. 2

8 review(s)

  • 2 lux at 259 meters
  • Light source: 7x Xtreme Power Led
  • Lumens: 3.200
  • Batteries: Rechargeable battery

€ 299,00 € 439,00

± 2 weeks

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NiteCore TM28 QuadRay Tiny Monster, rechargeable spotlight

1 review(s)

  • 2 lux at 228 meters
  • Light source: Cree XHP35 HI
  • Lumens: 6.000
  • Batteries: 4x 18650-accu

€ 379,95

In stock

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NiteCore TM26GT QuadRay Tiny Monster

1 review(s)

  • 2 lux at 225 meters
  • Light source: 4x Cree XP-L Hi
  • Lumens: 3.500
  • Batteries: 4x 18650 / 8x CR123A

€ 390,00 € 468,00

In stock

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NiteCore P30 LED-torch with 618 meters range

11 review(s)

  • 2 lux at 209 meters
  • Light source: 1x Cree XP-L HI V3
  • Lumens: 1.000
  • Batteries: 2x CR123A, 1x 18650

€ 74,95 € 78,00

In stock

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How did we perform the test?

Click here for a higher resolution infographic.

In the list below, you will find the results of our measurement tests. We have measured the light intensity in Lux at distances of 7.5 and 12 metres and using fully-charged batteries.

On the basis of the measurement at a distance of 12 metres, the distance is then calculated in which the light intensity is 2 lux and 0.25 lux respectively.

In our opinion, 2 Lux is a usable amount of light. According to the ANSI standard, 0.25 Lux is still a usable amount of light. We have included these so that you can compare our measurements with the specifications of the manufacturer.

We measured the light intensity in the middle of the beam. In some torches, the light surrounding the middle is somewhat brighter (the so-called doughnut). However, this only differs by one or two per cent.

New: Torches that produce (virtually) the same light output using various types of batteries only appear once on our list. Torches where the light output is affected by the type of battery used appear more often on our list.

In conclusion, please note that we have not tested all the torches. However, we believe that we have included the most important models.


This list of the most powerful torches has been compiled by us and is based on a selection of torches in our range, using our own tests.
Defects and inaccuracies in measuring can lead to errors occurring in the list. Additionally, some models may have changed making some of the information in the list outdated. However, we have done our best to ensure that our list is as accurate as possible.