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Your information and cookies

Would you like a cookie with that? With a cookie your visit to our website will be even more fun! Cookies make sure that you don’t always have to fill out the same information when you frequently visit our website. For instance, the contents of your shopping cart will be stored for you.

A cookie is a small file that is saved on your computer containing information about how you ended up on our website website and how you use it. We improve our website and services based on this information. As a result we can help you even better. We will never share the information you have filled out with third parties.

We also use cookies for marketing purposes:

Analytical cookies

With Google Analytics we can record how you use our web shop and learn more about how you found us. As a result we will understand even better what our visitors like to see on our website and use this knowledge to improve it.

Tracking cookies

This cookie sees what products and pages you are looking at which enables us to show you relevant ads and products on websites in Criteo’s and/or Google’s network, and on our own website. These cookies cannot be used to identity personal information; they are only capable of identifying a device.

To learn more about the cookies that Google and Criteo and Datatrics place for marketing purposes, we would like to refer you to the statements on the websites of these parties. You can find these statements by following the links listed below. Prefer not to see ads or content that is adapted to your preferences? You can also immediately unsubscribe on these websites.

If you decide to unsubscribe you will still see ads. These ads, however, are not adjusted to your preferences. They are random ads. If you ubsubscribe from the Datatrics cookie, you will no longer see a personalized website, but our normal website as you are used to.

To summarize: what can cookies do for you?

  • They make sure you don’t have to fill out the same information over and over again
  • They make sure that your preferences and account information is saved
  • They enable us to improve our website for your benefit
  • They enable us to show you appropriate offers

You can always remove the cookies via your browser settings.

What we won’t do with your information!

We will not sell your information to others. We will not use your data to keep information from you or show you different prices. The information is only used in automated systems.