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Surefire, the success of professional torch users

Surefire torches are the global standard in compact lights for professional use. The used materials and construction techniques guarantee problem-free use in the most extreme situations. In addition to its lighting performance, Surefire also has perfect building quality. It is no coincidence that Surefire is the first choice of the many public services worldwide.

Surefire torches provide the best light without compromise

All non-rechargeable lights are waterproof up to 10 metres depth as standard, and the light performance is sublime. Besides the extremely bright light of Surefire torches the quality of the light bundle is very high. Dark spots or rings in the light bundle (that often occur in cheap brands) are hardly detected. The power source itself consists of so-called 3 Volt high performance Lithium batteries. The Surefire batteries preserve that power a lot longer than regular batteries too. Even after a period of low use you can use them again straight afterwards.

The delivery time of Surefire products can strongly differ due to the high demand by the armed forces for missions. has Surefire in stock and the delivery times are indicated on the site.

Surefire accessories

Many Surefire accessories, like the Surefire holsters are available due to the professional use of Surefire.